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Name:Madrigal Uriah Shoichet
Birthdate:Feb 4
Location:Charleston, West Virginia, United States of America
Sometimes people aren't who they want to be. They're who circumstances force them to be. For Madrigal Shoichet, he was always forced down to being the nobody. Just another poor kid from a one parent home, not a good enough sports player to be a cool kid, bullied ruthlessly for what started with his name and his poor grades and spiraled out of control into everything. He had dreams. He had an overly artsy mother who loved him very much, when she was alive. He was going to get out of this pit of underage everything, dying hopes and wasted lives and make something of himself.

But when the teachers turned a blind eye because if bullies are sports players they're not bullies, they do no wrong, when his father was never home to help him make it, when every single day was spent just trying not to fight back and thus get in trouble, eventually a snap was inevitable. Mutants with electricity based powers aren't known for their sanity. Push one and keep pushing for years and eventually there's going to be an overload. All human beings have their limits.

There were two football players, a knife, and an alley. Those are the only known facts. Everything else is a rumor on the street.

The good news is, he managed not to get tried as an adult for what happened. The bad news is, this is reality, and in reality the people who play sports are gods in most schools and some towns. Six months in juvie later, though, and Madrigal's life is more or less shot to all Hell. It was self-defense, but he's not exactly okay after having killed a guy. Terrified of his own powers, living with a father who hates mutants, Madrigal gets by more than he really lives life. This is the real world and in the real world, there's just people and pain and survival and panic attacks late at night over a death he never meant to cause. There's no magical path to making something of yourself when you were just nothing to begin with.


PB is Leonardo DiCaprio. Character is 17, mun is 24. I own nothing.
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